Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't worry, she's fine

Ok, so granted, my 22 month old son has a thing for girly underpants. He's an expert at locating pairs around the house, and he loves them. He doesn't discriminate between clean and stinky underpants. When he finds a pair, he'll either ask to wear them (even over his diaper is satisfactory)

..or he'll carry them around as a comfort item.

Which I know is not the most masculine trait ever. And also, he does have great taste in female attire. He loves to prance around sporting his sisters' fancy dresses, with all the frills and colors.

I know his hair is a little longer than most moms allow their little boys' hair to grow before buzzing it off, but I can't bare to have it cut and thankfully his long haired Daddy is in agreement with me. So it will grow until we feel emotionally ready to part with it.

Meanwhile I'll just have to put up with encounters such as the one I had at the playground last week. It was hot, I was tying back the girls' hair and Turtle wanted his tied back too. It's not the first time he's donned a pony tail and shan't be the last. He wore masculine shorts, a washed out reddish colored t-shirt and boyish sandals.

As he happily played at the top of a slide, a little girl was trying to climb up said slide. I wanted to make sure he would move out of the way to let her past so I approached him and gently tried to encourage him to move.
"Oh no, don't worry, she's being nice" the little girl's mother assured me.

Initially I wondered why she was being defensive. I wasn't accusing her daughter of being anything less than nice, I simply wanted to make sure my son would allow her to pass by. She continued to explain, "she's being friendly, don't worry. Milly shouldn't be climbing up anyway" and it occurred to me that the "she" to whom she referred was in fact my son.

I guess I should have seen it coming. To me, he's all boy. He loves sound effects and throwing balls and chanting "go big red!!". But he's not completely Mr Stereotypical Boy. He's sweet, loving, playful, giggling, dress wearing, underpant snuggling, pony tail wearing boy, and that's fine with me.

Pony tail pics to follow. Can't be bothered looking out my card reader at the moment. :)