Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Caledonia's Maiden Voyage

She's finished! Finally.

I first introduced her to you here, then you got to see some progress here, then she sat neglected for quite some time. We did have some stuff going on to be fair, pregnancy, baby, moving house, winter etc etc.

I am so pleased with my design and the interior work and Rene is rightly proud of his hard work on the plumbing and electrics. He began with no prior knowledge and he just figured it all out and got her working just fine. What a buzz.

We've had so much fun fixing up our vintage camper, getting her working just right for our family's needs. And we finally took her camping last Friday! We didn't go far and are blessed to live very close to a couple of great state parks with camping pads. Everything went 100% smoothly and was so much fun.

OK, I'll start with a refresher of the before.

You get the gist. 

Finally, I am honored to introduce to you, our beautiful wee home away fae home, Caledonia.

I love this mat.

bathroom (oops I need to get more hooks for the curtain)

bathroom storage

shower curtain

view from bathroom


open bins (for shoes and misc things we want to just throw in there)


tilt out trash

Sink unit

upper cabinets

Slide out pinteresty type pantry thingy

Poor, pathetic cushion cover, my first attempt. I will make a better one some day. I've learned what not to do now!

loft as daytime storage

Main daytime hangout stage, which is storage and a bed

My fav. Pic of a Peach tree, with little colorful leaves still learning how to bloom, and a field of heather beneath it.

it folds down

to a table with storage

Bench also turns into a table

Bench also turns into a bed. 


or queen

Loft also becomes a bed

and has a rope ladder which the kids like to use as a swing (I'm glad we reinforced all studs!)

We still have to make the lights pretty, but Rene got them all working beautifully. 

I still want to decorate the exterior, but we got the most important bit done

I guess I'll leave it with some action shots. :) 

Don't judge me

Stop the judging already! Jeez, you people. 

This drawer made a great fridge with some added ice packs

Just because she's cute

Mmmm Stir fry

She's plenty cozy and comfy

You guys, *this* is the life!