Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Such a beautiful sound

Zoe's figured out how to say "mama".

She's often made a noise that sounds like mama when she cries, but you can tell now it's deliberate. She'll look at me, if I'm sitting across the room from her, she'll get all sad or angry and look right at me and yell "MAMA". It's totally on purpose.

So that's her first word. :) She's such a mummy's girl too.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's that sharp thing in Zoe's mouth?

Zoe was just scarfing down some fruit and oat crumble tonight when she threw the fork across the room. So I decided to feed her some off my finger.

Well when she was taking a bite I felt something else in her mouth! She has a wee tooth that has cut through on her bottom right, at the front. Yay. How exciting.

I'll have to double check their baby books, but I'm pretty sure K and L were both 8 months old when they got their first teeth too. Zoe only just turned 8 months old a couple days ago.

My husband is the bestest

Here's what he bought me!
He had been getting up early, doing extra jobs etc.
This is my birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/Mother's Day, etc etc everything present. I'm sooo happy. :)
I'm soooo rusty on them, it's been years. But I'll get there with practise.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Harry Potter Party

It was loads of fun. Friends, food, games, it's all good. Thanks to everyone who was able to come along.

We had most fun just making all the props and costumes things in the days before hand and getting into the whole spirit of it.

So the costumes - Zoe was a mandrake

Kaya was Harry himself

Lana was Mrs Norris

Rene was Lucious Malfoy and pretty much looked exactly the same as usual

I was the fat lady from the Gryffindor portrait

Doug came as Mad eye moody and was in character all night. It was highly amusing and a great costume.

We had themed food. Cauldron cakes, ton tongue toffee, cockroach clusters, Mrs Wealsey's corned beef sandwiches, butterbeer etc.

Our downstairs bathroom was Moaning Myrtle's, who was making moaning noises mysteriously throughout the party

We had an owlery

And an enchanted ceiling with floating candles

And best of all, great company

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Busy busy

We're so busy this week making preparations for our Harry Potter party, gettng costumes organised etc.
We're all very excited about it.
I'll be sure to take loads of photos to post here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The weather in Nebraska is so weird

Today it's 80 degrees outside (27 celcius), warm, clear blue sky and blazing sunshine. Beautiful day!

By Monday it's supposed to be 45 degrees (7 degrees celsius) and rainy!

I love that it's unpredictable though. I like the element of surprise. :)

And here's a random photo from last month.

Gotta have hair

Lana just loves twisting her hair while she sucks her thumb. I'm quite happy for her to do so, since it used to be MY hair she was pulling and man it hurt. I'm quite glad she's content with her own now.

But this morning I was trying to get a HUGE twist/tangle out that she had made. I was spraying the no more tangle stuff in there and brushing it, but in the end I had to just cut a bit off! So now she needs a hair cut to even it out probably.

All done sign

Here's Zoe signing "all done".
You can also catch her signing "mummy" a wee little bit in there.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Going down the toilet

How did my deodorant get in the toilet?It was floating in there when I got up this morning, had been for who knows how long. One of those nice gel kinds too.
Worse thing is, I'm using it anyway!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The boy

We were out at bible study tonight and Kaya was thrilled to see one of her best friends was there. She adores him. And is already so good at articulating how she feels it's rather scaring her dad and I, giving us glimpses of the future and of young love. She's only 5, we don't have to worry about losing our baby yet, right?

She asks me so many questions about marriage and love. And she's so insightful. She's so wise and so innocent at the same time, which is such a perfect mix.

The heat is on

Fall has finally fallen here in Lincoln. Last night we put the heating on for the first time since moving here. I put it on again for a few minutes this morning at breakfast. Getting chilly. It's kind of exciting.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Signs

Here's Zoe doing the diaper change sign.
At 7 1/2 months she can also do the milk sign, bath sign and all done. She recognises a whole bunch of other signs too, but hasn't figured out how to sign them all yet.

In her eyes

Finally I can see some of myself in Zoe. I couldn't really see it before. I think her wee expression, and her eyes look a bit like mine when I was a little girl. I'll have to look out some old pics and do a comparison.
She's such a precious wee girl.

Zoe and food

Yay she's finally interested in eating! I've been just putting little bits of food on her tray at meal times and she usually just squshes them or throws them around. The past couple of days she's been nibbling on fruit and she ate a cheerio tonight! So I went and got the pureed peaches which have been sitting lonely in the freezer after many rejections, and she wolfed them down tonight! Big difference from past attempts.

So yay, the poopy diapers are about to really get fun.

I'm sooo out of practise with scrapbooks...this page is crappy. I just need to get back into the swing of it.

A new blog and a new challenge

I figured why not have another go at this blog thing, after totally abandoning my last one.

I aim to use this to post videos and pics of the girls and document our ups and downs, memories we want to cherish, and milestones reached etc.

My challenge is to start digital scrapping again, and to try to post a page for every few blog entries, if not more. I figure I'll scrap about the things I'm writing about.