Monday, June 21, 2010

FAQs (ask a silly question, get a silly answer)

It would appear that expecting my 6th child (well, it will be 5 on earth) generates a lot of questions and comments from well meaning family, friends and nosey old ladies at the grocery store.

I figured it would be easier to just post them all here as an FAQ and in future when someone asks I will simply refer them to this page.

Was this an accident?

I can't imagine how that would even be did get that talk about the birds and bees, right? I'm thinking to conceive a child by accident would take a heck of a fall, that would have to involve us both and, really, imagination is having to really strain to come up with a scenario. Perhaps if he had to clean the gutters and didn't have time to get dressed...and I was at the bottom pointing out a bit he missed, and I accidentally knocked over the ladder and..

No. This was not an accident. We did in fact intend to be doing what we were doing at the time conception took place. We did also want more kids, and I guess now turned out to be the right time for our next one.

Are you crazy?

Well yes, I would say so. Sanity is so over rated. I don't believe it is crazy for me to have another wonderful child though. But yes, in general, I am pretty crazy. How about you?

You know there's a cause for that, right?

Yes, we do know there is a cause for conception. And we happen to enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Don't you guys have a tv?

We do have a TV, but we don't have cable. We like to watch netflix on our tv, and dvds too. It hasn't helped with birth control or anything though, we both find the TV doesn't satisfy our needs for intimacy, no matter how much we enjoy LOST.

Are you quiverfull?

We certainly are blessed with a quiver full, but I am too much of a non-conformist to hold to any such movement.

Wow, you're going to have your hands full, aren't you?

Yuh-huh. And my heart. How observant of you.

Aren't you concerned about overpopulation?

Whilst we would be delighted if there are more little footsteps in our future, I seriously doubt we'd have so many more kids that there's no more space for them and they have to move to the moon or something. But I suppose anything is possible.

You must be so brave.

You obviously haven't seen me try to make a phone call.

That's all I can think of for now, but I might want to add more later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Camping trip and TONS of photos!

That's right folks. Up to date photos! Shock horror etc. I am excited about it. I'm still not caught up, but I'm getting there, and I went ahead and skipped to June. And I have enough photos in this single post to completely make up for my lack of photos for so long. You will all be begging me by the end of this to never post another pic again.

Ok, so we left last Thursday night and got home on Monday afternoon. It stormed every night bar one (when it did still rain). Our tent held up fine, just a small amount of moisture on the worst rainy night.

We had a few days jam packed with adventures and activities.

Kids played in mud puddles,

we hung out with friends (this was a meetup trip for a message board I'm on),

played in the playground,

enjoyed ice cream treats and peddle boating in this beautiful location,

there was some sibling rivalry,

but for the most part everyone got along beautifully,

we roasted marshmallows,

saw cute baby geese, fed geese and got hissed at by the parents,

saw a flock of awesome hawks,

which Rene decided we should try to photograph from up here.

I was not happy (I was gonna say not a happy camper but I thought it too cheesy) up there. I brought the wrong lens and couldn't get great pics, plus I was too busy holding on to the railings for dear life. The thing wobbles as you get near the top! It sways with the wind. It's just not fun.

But there is an awesome view, I wish I brought my better lens..

And I did get the hawk from up high

Lana just asked me how I got all those photos when I didn't even stay up there for that long. Yes it's true, when I felt the wobbling I ran back down to the bottom as fast as I could, leaving my poor kids up there with their Dad.

We also climbed a tree (well, two of our member did. I was not one of them)

We saw 3 deer. Here's one of them.

Played some puzzles,

went to a bug workshop that was really gross and educational.

This is "Logan" the spider.

Zoe drew pictures in the dirt,

we went to a water park and exhausted ourselves,

then cooled off in front of this,

played on an ice-less ice rink,

played in an indoor (air conditioning! yay) playground,

spent lots of time outdoors,

played some mini golf

there was some cheating going on,

and some over enthusiastic puts,

we saw a dead snake,

back to camp for some goofing around,

caught a worm on the way to a breakfast buffet (where they had TONS of delicious fresh fruit and there were wild turkeys fanning their tails right outside the window with gorgeous views. I didn't bring my camera in darn it)

found some head sized leaves,

went to a conservatory with reptiles,


and fishies,

Daddy caught a frog,

and we went pony riding,

Now here's the thing. While we were there, I kept seeing this little, handsome, tiny, precious tabby gray kitten, being friendly to various families, trying to either scrounge food or find a home. I saw him the first time, hanging around a family having a picnic. There were two little girls in love with him but the Dad was insistent they were not bringing him home. I felt horrible for him all the next day, wondering what became of him. I told myself if I saw him again, I'd take him home.

Then I saw him again, he had wandered over to our bathroom area. There was a different little girl chasing him around, but her mother seemed to discourage her. I walked away and talked to Rene. He was softened by my description, but when we looked for him, he was gone. I felt guilty.

Just as we were packing up to go home, Rene heard a horribly wailing, like an animal being tortured. We investigated and it was this poor little kitten, sitting on a tire, crying his eyes out, right across from our campsite. It was meant to be.

We told the kids we were bringing home a new family member and they were beyond thrilled.

Kaya and Lana wanted to call him Mountain, and Zoe insisted he was called Custard. So we (I) decided on Mountain And Custard -> Mac.

He is pretty skinny and the pads of his feet are worn and there are cuts and broken skin. It looks horrible. He came home and ate a whole tin of kitten food in a few hours. He also drank a whole bowl of water. His tummy bulged and he went for a big sleep. He is super well adjusted in our home. He seems to love it here. He has an incredible temperament. He's such a happy, playful, gentle little guy. We are all crazy about him.

So far, he and Stormy are scared of each other and they seem to avoid each other. I hope they will grow adjusted to each other in time.

Mac (I find myself calling him Big Mac, since he's so small and it's cute) is the perfect little souvenir of a fantastic family vacation. We are blessed.