Saturday, October 6, 2012

New house tour

Because I get bored after having a baby and need some adventure. And for a bunch of other reasons that I can't be bothered going into, we moved house in September.

It's a house in the country which we are currently renting, but hope to buy soon. It's further from town, but not too far to commute. It's on 3 acres and the neighbors are cows and horses.

We kept quiet about moving, mostly because we didn't want anybody to feel obliged to help, since I feel we've used our quota of moving-house-help. Yet still some friends showed up and got stuck in (thank you).

It's been a ton of drama moving from the old place which I haven't fully recovered yet, and honestly the drama isn't fully over yet. But we'll get through.

The plan (ours, not necessarily God's) is to live here until we die. I'd like to never move house ever again if possible. We have many hopes and dreams for this place. Watch this space, I'm sure I'll be posting all about it. I'm super excited to have a place to fix up and build up and make my own.
Here is Hame'lldaeme: