Monday, October 29, 2007

Harry Potter Party

It was loads of fun. Friends, food, games, it's all good. Thanks to everyone who was able to come along.

We had most fun just making all the props and costumes things in the days before hand and getting into the whole spirit of it.

So the costumes - Zoe was a mandrake

Kaya was Harry himself

Lana was Mrs Norris

Rene was Lucious Malfoy and pretty much looked exactly the same as usual

I was the fat lady from the Gryffindor portrait

Doug came as Mad eye moody and was in character all night. It was highly amusing and a great costume.

We had themed food. Cauldron cakes, ton tongue toffee, cockroach clusters, Mrs Wealsey's corned beef sandwiches, butterbeer etc.

Our downstairs bathroom was Moaning Myrtle's, who was making moaning noises mysteriously throughout the party

We had an owlery

And an enchanted ceiling with floating candles

And best of all, great company

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