Tuesday, February 19, 2013

*wipes dust off the monkeys blog*

It's been a while, but I want to get back into keeping up with this blog. I enjoy going back over old posts to reminisce and since I'm dreadful at disciplining myself to keep a journal, I figure this is my best shot at archiving the movements of our wee family.

I see the last post was when we had just moved in. We've been here like half a year now! We haven't done much upgrading yet, other than the bathroom which isn't finished yet and I look forward to posting about when it is complete. We've done a wee bit of painting though. Lemme dig out some pics..

Those are all from October, because everything from Nov on is stuck on my camera right now. So, this is my attempt to update the blog but I have no pics to update with. Ah, well it's a start.

I must confess, as everyone pessimistically predicted, we haven't finished the camper nor worked on it for a long time. She's looking mighty fine, but isn't functional yet. But we are determined that we'll have her flying true this season.

No recent pics, but here is a recent video. Valentines Day, 2013. If I told you Rene and I hired a babysitter and escaped for a passionate, romantic rendezvous with dinner, dancing and lurving....I'd be telling a lie. We'll have that some day. But for now we're soaking up something even better:

hmmm if the video doesn't work, try clicking here

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Lenore Webb said...

So glad to see you back here. Your an inspiration for all you do get done. And heck winter is never a good time to get those big projects finished up. Dust off the blog, dust off yourself and lets see what happens as the sun finally starts to come out!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh huurah! You're back! I've been missing you :) Can't wait to see what all the Monkeys have been up to! Need some Cute Fat Baby pics, STAT :)