Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recent Build - Ahh, this is the life

This one was a joint effort between Rene and I. I was ogling all the pretty porch swings outside home depot and tractor supply and decided to go for it. We didn't have any plans and sort of made it up on the way, and it shows. It's not the prettiest piece of work ever, but it does the job.

Best part about the project? It's all repurposed (aka free) wood, from a fence. We just had to buy the hardware. 

Ignore the mess in the yard. And this hasn't been properly sanded yet, plus I think I want to make a cushion for the back rest, and possibly a cushion for the bench (which was an old build also made from repurposed wood and scraps) which we have pulled up in front as a foot rest/climbing step thingy.

It turned out bigger than we had planned, and we accidentally set it too high, but it's all good. 

The cushion is Turtle's old mattress which needed replacing because they had been tearing it up for kicks, and the cover (which doesn't actually sag like it looks in this pic, I just haven't added the velcro yet at the back and hadn't fixed it before taking the pic) is made out of two old shower curtains. 

So anyway, it's kid approved. 

And also kitten approved

And here's our messy, but mess is directly proportionate to fun, yard with swing. 


Gorgeous. said...

Awesome, Niecey!! You are so talented!

Lenore Webb said...

you always blow me away! want something?? just build it. Niecey does!

Patryk But said...

Nice blog :) Don't stop! <3