Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Kaya's birthday went

Thought I'd finally post something about her birthday.

We had a fun day. I had hidden Kaya's 5 presents around the house and she went for a hunt for them, then drew a photo of the present beside the number after opening.

Then she opened some from Grammy and Grandpa and Stewart and Pam (she was sooo spoiled!)

Then we made an elmo cake, and kaya decorated it.

After that we went to the children's museum with our friends and had a great day.

Kaya got a new digital camera! So I'm sure I'll be posting some of her photos on here in future.

Then yesterday we went to the Omaha Zoo with Kaya's friend Christopher, to celebrate her birthday. It was a big day, the time just flew past, it was only in the 80s, but with little cloud cover and it felt so much hotter. We didn't get round the whole zoo but we had tons of fun. And we sure slept well last night.

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