Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Adjustments

A few of you have asked how everyone is adjusting to the new little guy. So here's how we're doing..

Kaya had the potential to be most traumatized, since she actually saw him being born, which we hadn't prepared her for!

But she seems to be doing really well. I think she misses our old routine, and misses the attention, but I think she also realises this adjustment period is temporary and we'll settle back into homeschooling and things soon. She's mostly happy and loves to look at all the funny faces Turtle makes. She does have an occasional melt down where she thinks no one loves her (it's a girl thing) but we reassure her and she stops pouting and perks up. I think she's handling it all well. She says she wants 3 more brothers!

Lana is doing best of everyone!

If anything, her behaviour and attitude have improved since he came along. She seems to be thrilled to bits to have a baby brother. She plays happily and takes a healthy interest in him, then goes back to playing. She's enjoying having Daddy home to spend more time with him too.

Poor Zoe, this is a huge adjustment for her.

She was still the baby and very much the center of our world, and now she's having to shift over and make room for someone else. It's hard for her. She loves her little brother, she watches him sleep and pats him on his head or tummy and says "aw baby". She's incredibly gentle with him.

She's more teary than usual and has had a few melt downs. She definitely misses having one on one time with me. As soon as my hands are empty of baby, she jumps right in them. She was crying yesterday and sounded distraught and was saying "mummy, baby" :( Sounded like she was mourning over the whole thing. She tried to sit in my lap, right where he was sitting.

The fact that she is still nursing definitely helps. I'm able to nurse them together and she rubs him and it helps her accept him. And I can hand Glenn to his daddy and have some special time with just Zoe nursing and it helps her feel loved.

Overall, she is doing so very well. It's not easy for hr but she's coping so well. She's such a sweet little girl.

Daddy just loves having a boy. He thinks he has to learn sports now so he doesn't let his son down. He has a special little bond with Glenn. He's also loving having time with the girls just now while he's off work. He's been doing house work and spending loads of time playing with the girls. He's such a good dad and has so much patience with them.

Me? I just love every inch of my little man. He's a sweety. He doesn't sleep great at night like his big sister Zoe did, but I enjoy my special time with him in the night, while everyone else is asleep. We sit and play and talk and nurse. I love all his funny faces and expressions. He's a sweet little baby. I couldn't be happier.


Snobound said...

Good to see that everyone is starting to adjust. I'm sure there will be plenty of rough times ahead - especially within the next year, but please know that you're in our prayers and thoughts every day.

Kinsleys3 said...

Sure miss you all --

Kinsleys3 said...

Btw, I think it's great that Kaya - "I want to be a scientist" girl - ended up seeing her brother born. She was already on her way to greatness - now she has additional real-life inspiration!