Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You missed a bit (TTT)

I was sweeping up and Zoe was watching intently. I was wondering if she was going to offer to help. My mind traveled back to when a cute little 2 year old, with my pretend iron and how much I wanted to be just like mummy. I loved pretending to clean and do mummy type chores. I was pondering how precious the whole gender role model thing is and what a sweet privilege it is that I get to be on the other side of it. Just as I was delving deep in my reflections Zoe spoke, revealing what had been going through her own thoughts while her eyes had been following my brush moving across the floor.

"Um, there's a other bit there. You missed dat bit wight der".

Pop goes the bubble. Gee thanks. I guess I can count on Zoe for some constructive criticism.

"Yes, I'm getting to it Zoe" and I rolled my eyes while she trotted off and I secretly admired her for her temperament and her keen observation skills and that she is not afraid to speak up when she sees error. She's about 99.8% choleric. A born leader. Doesn't make for an easy 2 year old, but she'll do great things one day. :) And she'll have a super clean floor.


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Herb of Grace said...

OK. I have a TTT post I've been saving up, but I can't make up my mind about posting it... It involve Judah talking about his...uh... boy bits :D It's hilarious, but I keep having these thoughts about protecting my children's privacy and all that. Whatcha think? Would you post Turtle's conversations with his boy bits?

Di said...

hehehe that's too funny and oh so cute! Yep, she's gonna have a clean floor for sure. Precious moments! x

Tracy said...

That's so cute! But I bet you can't wait til she's old enough to do it for you, so you can tell her she missed that little bit right there while relaxing for a moment. ;-)