Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesdays Instructions

Welcome to Tot Talk Tuesdays. I got this idea and I decided to go full hog and do a Mr Linky for it. I hope some of you all will join in.


Post a Tot Talk Tuesday to your blog. Tell us something cute your child said to you this week. Or a year ago. Or whenever. Or something cute you said when you were a child. Or a neighbor's child said once. Could be some wisdom from the mouths of babes, or some precious baby babble. Or a poem your 6 year old wrote, or the words your 3 year old said in public which made you blush.

Include the quote from your child and the following code in your post

Then enter your name and your link to your TTT blog post in Mr Linky below. And please visit each others TTTs to warm your day with sweet utterings of the little ones and share the love by commenting on other blogs. Participating in these is often a good way to bring more readers to your own blog. And good blogger etiquette says if someone comments on your blog through this, please visit their blog and leave them a comment in return. It's all very nice and friendly and lovely and fun.

I'm sure it will start slow, but I do hope you'll spread the word on your blog and join in and that we'll slowly build a few more people, because I think this could be fun.


Ok, so here's my Tot Talk Tuesday entry.

Firstly, I want to brag on Turtle. At 8 months old he can say "Dadda", which uses to name his father and I. He thinks we're both called Dadda, I guess because I get equally excited when he says it. And a couple of days ago he started saying "ap ap ap ap" which clapping his hands! Is he smart or what?
And then when Dora the Explorer was on and the map song was on, his father and I are convinced he was singing along, going "ap ap ap ap" and grinning.

I had the other girls tell me jokes, because I wasn't sure what else to put for TTT.


How did rudolf get a red light on his nose?
Because he got a tomato for Christmas

How did the cow jump over the moon?
It went, "meow moo"

Once apon, there was a froggy. Daddy do it a froggy.


Please join in. Add a TTT post to your blog, enter in Mr Linky below, and leave a comment. I look forward to it! I love hearing the sweet things kids say.

Tot Talk Tuesdays Participants
1. Kathie Smith
2. Katie
3. Herb of Grace
4. MrsW
5. Jenean Gumina

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Kathie said...

Niecey, I am going to try and keep up with Tot Talk Tuesdays, if only to log all the funny things Caleb says, so I don't lose them or forget to write them down!

Kathie (met you at the NFOM potluck last month)

Stacy Carlson said...

After sitting on the toilet, reading her book for an extended period of time, Miss S. stood up and asked.

Mommy, do I have a rainbow on my butt?

(the imprint from the toilet seat)

Katie K said...

Very cute jokes ;)

Herb of Grace said...

Haha, rainbow butt... very funny :)

This is a really fun meme, Niecey, hope you get a lot of participants. And btw, I lovelovelove the photo wall! I'm gonna try it out this summer.

MrsW said...

Nurture that talent for jokes... within reason. It's funny how we expend so much effort amusing them and then they tell us what they find funny - and it's just... not. And we laugh anyway!

So regarding the nurturing and what I finally found before I commented... you heard about the 12 year old who did 10 nights stand-up at the Fringe? Scary biscuits! Funniest bit is his parents called him Eros and his little brother Tron - oh the cruelty!

Michelle M. said...

Oh! I missed it again. Ok, I am going to do this next week!! I think I will start my post now so that I don't forget :) I just love this idea.

Ms Perfect said...

This is great! I signed up. I love this idea and all the cute stuff the babes are talking about!