Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i-stormy and I fixed it

The stupid autoplay thing should be fixed now. It was driving me nuts. I love smugmug, but am unhappy with the way you have to take weird routes to get past certain bugs. The customer supprt is great and all, but anyway.

Here's my wee girly in i-stormy. She excluded stormy from the show this time, but she's cute so she can do whatever she wants.

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Kelsey and Rylee said...

So... In answer to your question yes she did swallow the rest of the pills without a problem! I was worried but once she realized swallowing them meant she didn't have to taste that horrid stuff anymore it worked like a charm;)

I found that mixing the pill with oatmeal helped her swallow it better. She was just about 3 during all of this so good luck with your 18 month old. I'm sorry, this stuff is so rotten! Does your little one have MRSA as well?
Best of luck to a happy healthy kid soon!