Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's been going on then?

We've had some nice weather

I enjoy comparing to how crap the weather is back home. A good gloat now and then can't do harm.

We're been sick, but determined not to let it completely get us down. So in the past couple of days we've been outdoors, planting seeds, flying kites, playing games, having picnics, building planters,

dying eggs (which Zoe then ate when we weren't looking!), swinging, riding bikes (the kids anyway), going for walks and having fun.

I wanted to update on the Clindamycin situation. Thanks so much for all your advice. We figured out something that works. Thankfully, Turtle is the most incredibly sweet natured boy so this really works. I start with one fork with a tiny bit of peanut butter and the pudding on it, no medicine and tell him, "this is the yummy one". He takes it enthusiastically. Then I layer one big spoon with peanut butter, then pudding, then empty the entire capsule on it, then cover it again with pudding and a couple dods of peanut butter on the tip. I am honest and say, "now here's the yucky one, open up nice and big". He cringes and opens up, sometimes I have to help him open it wider, but he takes it. He saves it in his mouth for a while before he can bring himself to swallow. You can see him shudder a couple of times.

I give him loads of praise and he dances to it and feels dead chuffed. He then sucks his other medication down as though it were sweet honey, in desperation to remove the flavor. So it's working, it's not pleasant, but he's taking his doses.

I wanted to share a funny from Zoe this morning. She heard us singing, "our God is a great big God" and joined in, "Our God is a zing bing bong". She couldn't tell what we were singing.

We're had some awesome conversations about grace. I love how my Uncle Fred explained it once, that in a system of law if you do something right you awe rewarded. If you do something wrong you are punished. Jesus died and flipped it. You do something wrong you are rewarded, and if you are righteous you are punished. Well, only one has ever been 100% right, blameless, and he was punished to initiate this system of grace. So now, even though we mess up and do things wrong, we are rewarded! Rewarded with unconditional love, with comfort, heaven, with forgiveness. It's mind blowing. Of course, it doesn't mean we sin more to gain more reward. The reward is already ours to claim. My kids are so wise, they say things that really get me thinking and they grasp spiritual concepts so easily. I remember how it was before my mind got clouded with grown up stuff. I want to be more like that again.

I'm loving this time of year. I'm coming out of hibernation and coming alive again. I'm ready to move and groove and shake it up a bit. Hibernation is great and all, but time moves strangely in the house. It's hard to tell one day from another. You lay down in bed and it feels like you were just there a moment ago, though at the time it had seemed like a really long day. You get sucked in and the longer you stay in the harder it is to ever leave. But then the grass turns green and the birds sing and you swear one of them said your name, so you do leave and you're so glad you did. We're waiting for Turtle to be done with his meds and then we're going to go camping, baby. Any suggestions for vegetarian camping food would be much appreciated.

Happy Spring everybody. And Happy Easter. Celebrate the weather, celebrate the awesome new system of grace. It's all good.


lady mommy said...

Vegetarian fretta YUM! Throw a bunch of random veggies in a cast iron skillet with eggs and cheese, cooked over an open fire, yummmm!! We always have fretta our last night of camping to clean out any veggies left over from random dinners. Its like a catchall camping casserole hehe!

Or even omelets for that matter.

Grilled any veggie is yum too. AGH I cant wait to grill again!!

Herb of Grace said...

Good to hear from you again :) Glad Turtle's so much better! Poor little brave manny. Good for him for slurping up those meds!

Kathie said...

So glad to hear you found some way to make the medicine go down--what a sweet boy Turtle is! (I love that you found a way that lets him trust you--i.e. you are honest with him about yummy and yucky bites). Any kind of canned beans are great for camping--just peel off the label, open the can, and heat over the fire in the can!

Riahli said...

Have you ever done baked potatoes buried in the coals of a campfire? You just wrap them in foil and bury them in the coals and poke them every once and a while to see when they are soft and then grab them out and add what ever toppings you like. We love it and they are so easy. Do you ever eat tofu dogs (like hotdogs) It's fun for the kids if they like roasting things. Do you eat falafel burgers? Those are easy to mix up while camping and they are so yummy. Put what ever topping you like on and eat them like you would a hamburger, or put them in a pita. Also roasting veggies in foil on a grill with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt is super yummy. We eat very little meat (some chicken, fish) so I'm always looking for good ideas too. I don't know what type of camping you are doing but you can always bring dried beans and make up a pot pretty easily. :) I can't wait until we can do some camping here too, we live in the NW and it's still super soggy here. Come on Summer!!

Laura said...

What a sweetie Glen is! How cute is he to take his medicine like a good boy!!! Darling!

Yeah - my Mum said she got a foot and half of snow this week! Wild!

Gretchen Niaki said...

LOL!!!! I love that!! So funny ;)
Just realized you are in Scotland...Love Glasgow... it's been a long time but it's close to my heart :)

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