Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't give up on me (or the earth or istormy or God's love)

I am still here, just lacking motivation to blog. I have loads of things in my head that I want to share here, but I just can't get motivated to get stuck in. Don't give up on me, this place will get interesting again. I think I just need to get caught up on editing pics then I'll feel freed up to jump on in.

Meanwhile, here's my Lana doing what she does best.

And happy Earth Day. This world may be corrupt due to our own errors, but it's still God's artwork. He made it and looked at what he made and said it was good. And put us in charge of us. Lets try to be better stewards with what he's given us.

I wanted to share the sermon from my Church on Sunday. You can listen on live. Our preacher is amazing at helping us understand the scriptures in a truly dynamic fashion. He is so articulate and has definitely been given a gift. On Sunday he started a series about the seven churches in Revelation. Please listen to this sermon and be prepared to be blown away with how passionately God loves us. I particularly loved what he said about Genesis.

Click here to listen, you won't regret it


lady mommy said...

OH. MY. Gosh. Monday night our church leadership went through a 2 hour class about the 7 churches of Revelation!!! How incredible is that! Must be something God is really trying to get through to his body.

Amen to being better stewards! God calls us to a place of Excellence so we need to keep that in mind when we go to throw out something we can recycle or drop that wrapper on the ground. WE are already representing God, so we need to make sure we are accurate in our representation. <3

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