Monday, April 26, 2010

Smiles. iKaya. Oops.

Apparently last iKaya I accidentally called episode 1 instead of episode 12. Sorry. Also, it had been pointed out to me by my grammar Nazi of a brother, that I keep spelling iKaya incorrectly. I hope I have it right now...

Here is episode 13. It just gets wackier and wackier.

And I figured I'd join in this week's i heart faces. It's been a while. But I came across this smiling pic of Kaya and Lana from I think 2 weeks ago. The neighbors found a froggy in their basement and the girls were thrilled.

Click the pic below to join in i heart faces.


Marla said...

I love it. Very unique perspective. :)

Marla @

Jessi said...

Very cool! I like the focus.

Snobound said...

We always knew Doug's skills would come in handy one day. Now if we could just find a use for all the useless trivia he knows....perhaps you could start a video trivia section on your blog - stump Doug kind of thing. And your readers could load you up with questions and put his noggin' to the test.

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