Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm spoiled

Kaya brought me a menu this morning, hand written, with a whole bunch of choices for a cooked breakfast in bed.

I found it hard to choose, so I picked most things on the menu.
Daddy's porridge, veggie breakfast sausage, beans (yes, we're Scottish and we eat baked beans at breakfast), English muffin, fried mushrooms, a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk! He had also made fried tomatoes and boiled eggs, but I didn't have enough room in my tummy.

Now, for more of our married life, the thought of Rene cooking me anything would be a punishment, not a gift. And I cringed a little as I awaited the meal. But he has been practicing lately. They brought the food to me on a tray with a towel over it, all pretty like. And there was even HP sauce! And it is yummy! Very very delicious. The porridge was Scottish style, thick, creamy and salty and I didn't think I'd like it. I like it runny and very sweet. But it was very good.

And he gave me a mushy, sentimental card too. Then the kids piled on me with Mother's Day wishes and kisses and they enjoyed some bites of my food too.

Yeah, I'm spoiled.


Rene said...

Your too kind.... I love you

It was quite amazing though - not only did I fail to poison anyone with the food but I also managed to avoid any kitchen fires or related injuries.

...who am I kidding, we only manged it because Kaya was project manager for the day.... :)

Letherton said...

nothing wrong with being spoiled
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