Monday, January 24, 2011

The new place (very pic heavy)

OK, I said I'd post pics of the new place, which we've been in for a week now. I was going to wait until it was unpacked and looking pretty but it was taking too long so I've gone ahead and taken pics and you'll have to excuse the unfinishedness of it.

I am having a sick day today. We spent all weekend at the old house, painting it and cleaning it. We thought it would take a few hours on Saturday morning, but it ended with us leaving at 9.30pm, nowhere near finished but the snow was accumulating and our van loses it's somethingorother belt in the snow, so we had to just call it quits and come back the next day. The kids were bored the whole time so they were crying, fighting and whining. We were passing a baby between us, scrubbing walls and behind appliances, sanding putty and masking doorframes. We finally got nearly finished very late and got home just before midnight. Rene will have to go back and finish it off this week in the evening. It's definitely my least favorite part of moving.

Then as we were leaving, Kaya had a melt down and I could hear that she was deeply grieving. She has loved living in the old place, she had close friends in the neighborhood and the loss hit her all at once last night. So we sat on the floor in the empty livingroom and reminisced all the room had seen over the past few years. The sleep overs, the Christmas trees, the games we had played, different couches and furniture positions and birthday parties. I gave birth to two children in that house. It was small and far from perfect, but we made some awesome memories in it and we take them with us.

So anyway, pics of the new house. Ok.

This is the front of the house. It's a sort of side on view because we are right on a fast road.

We're this close to it.

Which is the worst thing about the house. The yard isn't fenced or anything so I'll spend most of my time on warm days stopping the kids from venturing out front.

But most everything else about the house, I love.

I took this pic from inside my livingroom. How countryside is that?

and this one too

This is the side of the house (excuse the pile of yard stuff that we haven't shifted yet)

My favorite part is out back. I love the deck

and the firepit

And all that space up to the tree line at the back is 3 acres of prairie that is on our (rented) property and we can play on it but we don't have to mow it. At the tree line is a beautiful creek! Again, the kids will need supervision, but it's beautiful, and we're going to have a lot of fun splashing and site seeing and taking pics down there in warmer days.

Ok, the inside. Here's the front door, which we don't really use, we enter through the garage.



I like the mirror in there

master bedroom

the view from the windows in the master bedroom

Zoe and Turtle's room

I didn't take any pics of Kaya and Lana's room because they're at the stage where they want to keep their room private, they have a lock on it and don't like me to venture in there. Girls are growing up.

View down the hall from master bedroom

Utility room (excuse the mess)


Crushed ice maker and water dispenser, hooked up to our well water so we don't need to refill. Yeah, we're living it up!

Dining area, and patio doors that lead out to the deck

The basement is pretty cool too. It's a's pretty much the kids' domain, which they can mess up with toys as much as they want. And they've had a good start on that!

This part will be the entertainment area. Tv, playstation, internet etc. I'd like to get a couch in there..

There's a nice hallway in the basement

With artexed ceiling

and pretty lamps

There's a project room, which I intend to use for sewing and Rene would like to have an office in there.

And the cats even have their own room to sleep in. We plan to make a cool cat tree for them with a nice bed built in. (we don't put them in the cage, it's in there because they like to climb on top of it)

There's a couple of storage areas which look kind of junky so I won't post pics. There's one with a toilet in it and we plan to make it our music room. The toilet is weird, just there without a door or sink or anything. It might come in handy though in emergency situations hehe.

I think that's pretty much it. We're loving it, and it already feels like home.
Alasdair approves, as you can see:


Herb of Grace said...


Especially your GINORMOUS kitchen. I am green with envy.

lady mommy said...

Tis very gorgeous! it looks enormous! all I can think of is my teeny single wide trailer and the niceness of a house with a billion rooms in it. I am sure your rent is not cheap though. congrats on such a good find!

Michelle M. said...

That is huge! I thought you'd be done with the tour after the girls' room, but then there were several more rooms. That is really nice, and the yard is fantastic!

allenaim photography and design said...

Your deck and acreage is especially fanTABulous! You guys are going to have so much fun being all countrified :)

funfunfun said...

Love your kitchen!

Following you back!

Thanks for entering my giveaways! said...

Very beautiful pictures from every side.Thanks for it.

Nikkii said...

In Scotland we call that a mansion ;) What a wonderful HUGE living space and fab garden - I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in your new home.

Betsy said...

So happy for you in your new home! Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

And I love knee socks as well (forgot to include them on my list)! :) Like you, I only have one pair, but they are my favorite.

lanka news, lanka newspapers said...

No it doesn't seems that the pictures have to be accuse from any side.They are really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This pictures are really beautiful! good!