Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ward Family

Melody Ward, mother of 5 and pregnant with number 6, has recently been through something more traumatic than I could ever imagine. It must have felt like a bitter end on May 22nd when she and her young family huddled together in their basement in Joplin Missouri while the sirens blasted and the merciless, deadly tornado buried them in what was once their home. I cannot imagine being a pregnant mom, trying to comfort your frightened children in the midst of that.

They were luckier than some in that they were all rescued, and whilst they are all injured, they are all alive.

They've lost their home and all their possessions.

They are traumatized and shaken.

But they refuse to be defeated. This is an inspirational family, full of faith and hope. I'm not the only person to have been reduced to tears, inspired and amazed by observing their resilience and incredibly positive attitude through this disaster.

If you are also moved by their story, there is a relief effort which has been very touching to see the generosity of people in supporting this beautiful family. You can get involved here
You can even donate via paypal, starting at $5

There is also an address for donating items like kids clothes, toys, homeschooling curriculum, walmart cards etc.

And you can also help by praying for them. Pray that God will meet their physical needs and also pray that He will help heal their emotional wounds. I can't imagine the nightmares those kids must be having, while their mom recovers in hospital. Please support this family in prayer.

Sorry for my poor writing tonight. It's late, I'm tired and the laptop is misbehaving, but I wanted to make sure and share this family with you all.


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