Monday, May 2, 2011


I had a long, eloquent post written out last night, but I deleted it in a rash decision which I now sort of regret.

I don't really have the umption to write it out again, so I'll spare all the decorative bits tying it all together and I'll give you the highlights:

- I'm almost 30. I only have a couple days left. I'm not happy about it in the slightest.

- Rene shouted out "wedgie" in the middle of church simply because he had one, and didn't seem to understand the reason for the look of horror on my face.

Yeah, I think that was pretty much all that was noteworthy. The rest was boring rambling.

Oh, I'll throw in a pic of my boys, cause they look so cute just now. Here's what they're doing this very minute.


Rene said...

have not doubt about it - that was a life changing wedgie.

Nikkii said...

At least he didn't shout weegie :)

30 is pretty painless - honest :)

40? Now 40 is another thing altogether!

Nikkii said...

PS - Snuggle of boys = gorgeousness :)

Kathie said...

Wow, Niecey, your boys are gorgeous. Every time I see a picture of Ally, I just want to snuggle him--he reminds me of Noah (and of your Heather, at least from the pics I've seen of her).

30 isn't too bad, so far. I'm two and half years in, and the worst I can say is that I'm still having trouble losing weight--but I really cannot blame that on my age!

Sarah said...

*Sigh* Rene's lucky he has an understanding wife. That's all I've got to say about that.

Oh, and turning 30 stinks. I'll be joining you in July. >.<

Sarah said...

I forgot to mention that picture is ADORABLE! They can be so precious. :)

Michelle M. said...

What a sweet photo!

I just turned 30 two weeks ago. No biggie :)

Mom of Eight said...

Ahh, to be 30 again! I'm turning 50 this year, Niecey!