Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm pregnant

I just realized I hadn't announced it here. We're having another baby. Yay. Due some time in July.

Other than feeling incredibly blessed, I'm also feeling incredibly tired, sore and irritable. I'm finding this to be my most challenging pregnancy so far, due to chronic pain and low energy. I was practically living off of pain pills before getting pregnant and was on antidepressants. I quit both cold turkey as soon as I got my positive pregnancy test and all seems to be going well. It's difficult to cope with pain and my emotions are erratic to say the least (sorry Rene and kids!), but it's so worth it for a healthy baby.

And thankfully this is another low risk pregnancy and all should go smoothly as always. I'm just focusing on eating healthfully to nourish my precious growing babe and strengthen my body. And all is going well. I'm thankful.

We've nicknamed this wee one, "chicken" and I'm already very deeply in love.

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1 comment:

Lynette said...

Congrats! You have so much fun with all your lil monkeys. Now if you can just keep them from jumping on the bed.