Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Latest builds

I don't have any decent pics of my latest builds but I wanted to post them anyway because I know from experience if I don't do it now I will totally lose interest and never do it.

So, I've been busy leading up to Christmas, making presents for them all. I was dreaming of a(n Ana) White Christmas and I got one.

For Turtle, I made the play table (train table) from here
And Rene painted the top, since he has better imagination than me for that sort of thing and has more patience for detail.

Not the best pics ever, I apologize. Also, I snapped them up on Christmas day and the place is soooo messy, please forgive me. Christmas with 5 kids gets kind of messy.

Turtle likes his table ok, but I think his wee brother loves it even more. Ally constantly climbs up there and just sits on top and plays.

For Ally, I made my own plans and made a magnetic play table. It did not turn out like I imagined in my head, but oh well.

I do like the wooly willy part. That's nostalgia right there.

Lana got a doll house from these plans

My favorite piece is Zoe's market. I made the plans myself. I wish I had a good photo of it. I may have to take some nice ones on purpose and do up a proper brag post about it. The top and bottom are chalkboard, and she writes her daily specials etc on it. It was a big hit. She also got a cash register, shopping cart and play food. It's so much fun.

And Kaya got the Schoolhouse chalkboard but I made it a whiteboard instead. Hmmm this is the only pic I can find of it.

The camper is parked in the prairie for now over winter. We'll get working on it again in Spring. Meanwhile I have a whole bunch of projects lined up to work on to make our house a bit more organized. Furniture and things. Hopefully I can get moving with that. Thanks for peeking.

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Lynette said...

Niecey, Your so imaginative. I know the Monkeys love it all. Great way to have gifts from the heart that will last too! With 5 wee ones you have to have that in mind!

Herb of Grace said...

You are now officially the Coolest Mom Ever. Seriously.

Nikkii said...

Wow - how busy have you been? Makes sitting on my arse crocheting scarves and stuff look dead lazy haha! I'm tired looking at all your work ;)