Thursday, December 20, 2007

Festive cooking

My friend Stacy came over yesterday for some festive cooking. I accidentily ruined her second batch of chocolate rollo pretzels by having the oven up too high plus I spilled cookie crumbles in the oven which ended up setting off the smoke alarm! Otherwise it went well though!

I made candy cane chocolate cookies

Cranberry and white chocolate biscotti

Chocolate marble crunch

And Kaya and Lana had another go at gingerbread houses, this time from the comfort of our own home. I messed up the stuff at first and it wouldn't stick, but I had another go at it later and it worked out ok. Much more relaxing than the last experience anyway!


Di said...

Ooooh Denise, yum yum! All I've managed so far are a few mince pies. I was going to do some xmas cookies... hmmm I still might! Anyway, it all looks yummy! Merry Christmas! x

Stacy said...

You didn't ruin my pretzels ;) Your goodies look yummy!!! And the girls gingerbread house turned out perfect!!!