Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Rene

Rene turned 29 yesterday.

We were going ot go to Omaha, make a day of it, do the water park thing etc, he was maybe going to go see RED in consert, but we're broke so instead we stayed home and watched Lost season 3 (first 3 episodes) from the boxset I bought him for his present. Which so far is awesome! We love lost. We held off watching season 3 cause I was desperate to watch the boxset instead, cause I can't handle waiting a week in between episodes.
I made him a chocolate truffle cake.

Which was yummy.

And we had frybread tacos. Lana and I didn't eat the meat, we had refried beans and salad and sour cream and salsa on ours.

Here's the Birthday boy with his little girl who's starting to look a lot like him. She sometimes looks like me. She's such a mix. I mostly see Ren and Kaya in her though.

And here's Zoe showing off one of her teeth. The other one is smaller and covered up. We've had our Christmas tree up for a few days now. I'm in the Christmas spirit. Although it is sad that I won't be going to mum's this year :( I'm a bit more homesick than usual, with the holidays coming in. But I'm still enjoying the whole festive thing.


sageg said...


I accidentally deleted my old papers from your spaceraven site, but couldn't find it, so I went looking for you. I guess you aren't doing the papers anymore, too bad, but life changes.

I have a few veggie (vegan) resources on my blog. :)

Suthnheart said...

Hi, it's me again! Happy Birthday Rene! If you have time would you contact me at my email address? Does is show for you?

I wondered if, even though you're not designing new, you were still interested in selling your old kits. I only have 2 and would love more. Not to pressure you! I know you replied back on you blog and that's fine, too. You said you were back on DST as a regular member ~ which one is DST? I get them so confused in my head.

Anyway, glad to see you and your's are full of Christmas cheer. Enjoy the season and hold those babies close!

Marcia/Suthnheart gmail