Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things are looking up

On Friday Rene went into the South side of town for a formal job offer. They discussed the details then he came home to talk it over with me. Wonderful news. While we were looking at our budget to see if we could make the job work, another company called him and offered him a job for more money! Wow.

It was a bit of a dilema, but at the end of the day, we took the job for less money, it's further to drive, and the work will be more difficult. But we prayed about it and felt it the right decision. We're more at ease with this company, and I think Rene will have more job satisfaction there. It's going to push him harder, but be more rewarding.

Our budget will we tighter than it's been, but as long as we stick to it, we'll be ok. It's just so exciting to be back in the world of employment! Such a relief. Phew. So thanks for the prayers people. It worked. :)


snobound said...

Congrats, Rene! I hope you enjoy your new job.

Morgan said...

Wonderful news! Hope you did a little celebrating. :)

Di said...

Congrats, Rene. Really great news for you guys! Fantastic! x