Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A girl and her bear

Zoe's so cuddly these days. She loves to have a soft toy to cuddle in her arms. She always takes either her puppy, or a bear to bed and loves to cuddle it while she pulls up her covers and says "bed" with a smile and gets comfy.

A couple nights ago we walked in to see her asleep tucked in our bed, and a foot away from her was her bear, tucked under the covers too. I guess she didn't want to cuddle him this time, she just tucked him in so sweetly. It's adorable.

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Di said...

Oh this is so funny as both my granddaughter (19th mths) and my niece (2yrs) are like this at the moment. Very cuddly and love to have "huds" and "cuggles" with their toys and their nearest and dearest.

Beautiful photo, Denise.

Hope you guys have a great July 4th! x