Monday, February 15, 2010 (and iKaya)

A lot has happened since I last wrote.

I don't have the time nor emotional energy to go through it all in detail...
So here's the condensed version with much left out, or you can ignore it all and scroll to the bottom to watch this week's iKaya!

Almost lost Zoe in a small local supermarket, scared the living daylights out of me. She had left the store and was outside. :(

While driving away and getting over the shock of losing Zoe, the van broke down and overheated. We rolled to a safer spot, got a cab home and had the car towed for repair.

Decided to get stuck in to some major projects I had to do on the laptop. Camera lens fell on laptop from on top of fridge and completely killed it. Laptop won't even boot up. Had to disappoint many people and not complete projects.

Grieved over loss of laptop. Sulked.

Came down with yet another sinus infection. Kids got sick.

Was bored without Internet. Could technically use my husband's netbook like I am just now, but it frustrates me very much so I'd rather not. (I'm making an exception for this post though.)

Was blown away by how much stuff I could get done without the internet. Kids started playing hard with me all day and thus sleeping better at night. Cooked lots of good food. Laughed. Lived. Sorted through some major chores that I had put off for months. Bonded with kids, made memories.

Got van back, but didn't really go anywhere. Enjoyed staying home.

Bought awesome tent with tax rebate. Put it up in livingroom, kids slept half the night in it. Excited for Spring so I can go camping. I know, me! The hotel Queen. Actually wanting to go camping. Something weird going on here...

Saturday night couldn't sleep. Incessant pain in tooth. Paced floor all night. Woke Rene at 6am for emotional comfort. Whined like a baby and didn't handle pain well.

Monday got dentist appointment. Need root canal tomorrow. Am scared. Tooth still hurts though and won't ease up so I'll be glad to have it done. I think I'm getting old and falling to pieces.

Rene ordered new laptop with tax rebate today. I'm almost sort of dreading it arriving. I'll have to check my email, for one. Which must be SOOOOOO overfull by now. It will take a day just to go through emails.

I have a sort of Internet addiction. There, I admitted it. And this past week+ I've grown to love not being online. The kids and I have really benefited from me not having my face stuck in a laptop all day. From having their mum be more than just physically present. So I plan to put some serious restrictions on my computer time when the laptop arrives. I might even install software to enforce the restrictions. I won't be checking my email a hundred times a day. I won't be taking on many new projects. I will still edit my pics and put them online and plan to still occasionally post here. I won't keep up with tot talk tuesday though..if any of you guys want to start it up on your own blog, feel free.

Oh and another thing we did was borrowed a new camcorder which we might want to buy from a colleague of Rene's. We tested it out with iKaya. File sizes are huger but it looks more crisp. Decisions to make for sure...

So, here it is. A bit of fun for the week. My darling daughter starring in her wonderful webshow. Fantastically edited by Uncle Doug (he hates when I give him credit for some reason) as always.

Hope you liked it. :) Wish me luck at the dentist (spare the horror stories please), and I'll see you sometime. Whenever I can squeeze it in. Because living real life is my priority and I can live with my face stuck in a laptop after the kids have grown. But not now. :)


Online newspapers said...

I’ll be back again. I really like this blog. Hopefully things will be worked out soon. Thank you.

DJ said...

Don't worry about the root canal too much - I've had two and while the first one was painful due to the nerve being very inflamed and infected at the time of treatment, the second was a dream - all I could feel was the tugging sensation of the tooth being cleaned out without any actual pain or discomfort. Keeping my mouth open for so long was the worse bit!! My dentist knows to keep me dosed up with enough anaesthetic to drug a horse (I'm a big girl you know, with sensitive teeth!)so just make sure your dentist knows a) you're a nervous patient b) if you say you need more painkiller, to give you more painkiller! Good luck!

MrsW said...

Oh me too - the addiction thing. Since I appeared in the UK Top 100 Parent Bloggers (a whole WEEK ago) I've already succumbed to the pressure to stay in there and I'm not enjoying it one little bit. I need to take that step back, disengage... crikey Paul will be starting school in August so I only really have 7 more months of doing what I want with him. Scary! Tho sometimes I find myself countintg the days....

Carrie said...

Don't worry about the root canal. I had one on one of my front teeth and there was no pain at all. Just the tugging as the previous comment stated. No big deal!

Kathie said...

Oh Niecey, I'm sorry that I'm one of those hundreds of emails--I had no idea you were without internet!!!

Obviously ditch the art project idea, you are way too busy and stressed it sounds!

I know what you mean about internet addiction--I've found it useful to just limit myself to when the kids are asleep. And set a bedtime! I can't just surf at work much either, so that helps me fend off the addiction!

Good to hear from ya again though--I missed your blogs.

Michelle M. said...

I hope the root canal went well and that you were pain free (or at least had manageable pain). I also find that the times when I am away from my computer are some of the best days. I've been reading blogs a lot less than I used to, and that isn't a problem for me now. I don't want to let myself become dependent on it :) It is far too easy to become addicted.

I hope you are feeling well!