Wednesday, February 3, 2010

instinct schminstinct

I've always been a huge advocate of mothers following their own instincts.

I had a bad day for that yesterday. Well, starting Monday really. About midday Turtle started to get really upset. I figured he was grizzly and needing a nap. He often naps around that time. so I laid down beside him and nursed him and patted his tummy. He gradually became increasingly upset. An hour into it his back was arched and he was high pitched screaming. This was not a happy boy.

I had changed his diaper and he was rashy, so I thought maybe this was why he was upset. I patiently patted him and help him and told him it's ok. Eventually he fell asleep....for about 20 mins then started back up again. For the next 24 hours he pretty much cried for 5 mins, then tried to sleep for 5 mins. He wouldn't eat but was nursing.

Because he was so upset, I was carrying him or laying beside him the whole time. He was up almost all night crying and saying "ow ow ow". He was signing sore, too. I assumed he was getting this sinus/ear infection we had. I gave him tylenol but it didn't seem to help.

Looking back now, I'm kicking myself that I didn't check him all over. Why wouldn't I do that? What kind of mother am I?

He had a moment of calm at about 11am yesterday and I sat him in his high chair and he ate some breakfast. When he was done I placed him on the floor. The first time he had been put down since the day before! And he started crying and limping towards me. Oh. Darn. Why didn't I think to check his legs?! Poor guys has been suffering pain in his leg this whole time! So I laid him down and tried moving his legs around. He wasn't tolerating bending his left leg and he'd cry "ow ow ow" when I tried to move it. I stood him on the floor again and he reached for the wall to help himself limp along, then collapsed on the floor.

So I called Rene and he came home. My awesome neighbor looked after the girls (seriously, I hardly trust my kids with anyone, but she is fab) and we took the wee laddy to ER. I was certain it was broken because it reminded me so much of when Lana broke hers.

And I beat myself up for not even noticing how it happened, and not realizing he needed help.

A few hours, blood tests and xrays later we were told he didn't have a fracture nor an infection and he probably just strained a muscle. We went home feeling so confused and by evening he was waddling about all over the place. He almost walks perfectly on it by today.

So I was wrong twice. So much for mothers intuition. *sigh*

I don't really know what the moral of the story is, though I'm sure there must be one somewhere...I guess it's spend less time online and more with your kids so you notice if they get hurt. (D'oh.)


In other news, I was interested to read about the latest SIDS research released today. Sounds like we might be getting somewhere. It's not the first to suggest a link between SIDS babies and low seratonin levels, which effects respiratory and heart regulation. Helps explain why soft bedding is a no no and why you should always sleep baby on their backs. I pray we can figure this whole thing out and then start work on prevention.


Herb of Grace said...

Oh. my. Word. That would have scared me to death. I am not good when the kids are sick or in pain and I don't know why. J is so calm and does such a good job of calmly examining the problem and taking care of things. But me? I just flip right out...

Texas A&M said...

thats really very threatning to me.....

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

It's so hard to ever know. I know I already spoke with you about this, but there are those times when we have not take them in it ends up being something serious. And sometimes when we DO take them in, we end up feeling silly. I try not to overthink these decisions, but in the end I guess I fall on the side of caution just in case we're wrong. The only time I EVER took our almost-2-year-old to the doctor, they told us he was fine and maybe teething. Talk about feeling silly!

By the way, when I saw the picture below I thought it was Turtle! LOL

Laura said...

Poor Turtle! I hope he is all better soon. Try not to beat yourself up too much about it though - there have been quite a few times were 20/20 hindsight has put the lightbulb on and I've thought "Why didn't I check that before?"

BTW - I've given you a blog award - come by my blog to check it out.

lady mommy said...

I have to say last week was not a good week for our little boys. Jeffery shreiked his high pitch "I got hurt" cry and I picked him up and tried to console him without looking him over either. After a few minutes when nothing I did could calm him, I finally looked and realized his nail was completely detatched from his ring finger. Upon questioning Sierra it turns out she accidentally shut his finger in the hinge side of the door. He went in today for his one year check up (his birthday was yesterday :() and they said it was healing nicely. I think as a mom you want your baby to just be ok and you try to console them without thinking. I'm sorry but if my kid fell and got hurt I wouldnt let them lie still until I figure out the problem. Even with years of lifeguarding experience, I would be the hysterical mother picking up their child and jumping up and down freaking out. Regardless of the outcome, he knew all along his mommy loved and cared for him even thought she couldn't fix it. That is what is most important. Glad he is doing better!