Thursday, February 25, 2010

God answers prayers!

We've been so overwhelmed with support. People bringing gift boxes and food and flowers and arranging meals. Kind messages. And most of all prayers. My boy has been added to so many prayer chains and personal prayer lists. It's very touching. We are grateful. And God is listening.

Turtle went under the knife again today and apparently there is not much pus left to drain. Dr thinks he got it all. There is still a chance Glenn might need repeat surgery to drain his thigh because there was some up there that he couldn't reach, but they hope it won't be necessary. The cultures are still inconclusive so they are starting new ones. And they are baffled by it. They're holding meetings to all talk about it because they've never seen this before. But, whatever it is, it seems that the antibiotics are killing it! Thanks God! He's fighting it and getting better.

We're still in isolation, but it all looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as we are fever free for 48 hours they will put in his PICC and we're good to go. Still doesn't look like we'll be home this weekend but maybe early next week.

For now, he is in a leftover drug induced deep sleep on my right arm, making my fingers go numb but I daren't move him. He looks like an angel, all wrapped up in his pastel yellow blanket with his long lashes kissing his chubby little cheeks while he meows in his sleep. No I didn't intend to say "purrs" but messed up. He is actually meowing in his sleep. Good dream I guess. He keeps my mouth upturned and my spirits uplifted for sure.


Quick update...there is a *chance* he might get the PICC in tomorrow and discharge on Saturday. So far no fever, but the surgery today might yet cause a spike...We really don't want it to! Not that it would be anything to worry about, but it would delay hometime. I'm getting my hopes up now....


Kinsleys4 said...

Beautiful little thing. He looks like Lana in this pic/angle.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you & your family. I was at the hospital with my son last winter, he was only 4 weeks is so hard, but you will get through it. Seems like you are getting good news from the doctors. Stay strong! He is beautiful.

Michelle M. said...

Praying for you guys!! I hope you'll be able to go home soon.