Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes the best things in life are the surprises

We spent $8 on this hanging strawberry planter. We were supposed to get $4 with a mail in rebate, but we never got round to mailing it in. *sigh*

I ordered strawberry crowns or whatever they're called for pretty cheap. They arrived looking like dead twigs, but as I planted them and watered them we watched them grow lots of beautiful green leaves. It was exciting.

I had liquid from the bottom of my tumbling composter, which I had heard was a good but weak fertilizer. So
I diluted it with water just in case it needed diluted, then I poured half a bottle in the strawberries. Apparently that was way too much. I think I have completely killed them. The next day the leaves were turning brown and soggy and falling off. It looks really pathetic.

Last year I tried to grow strawberries in some containers. I did a bunch of stuff wrong and basically killed them all too. I'm not so good at the whole growing strawberries thing apparently. However, those strawberries sent off a few daughters into the ground. I am not allowed to grow produce in my grass of my rented duplex, but these were escapees. I am allowed to grow flowers, so I went ahead and dug a flower bed around these 3 daughters when I discovered them this Spring. They had survived the Winter without being covered, I didn't even know they were there.

I didn't take care of them other than digging out the bed around them, which involved weeding around them. I let nature water them and decide their destiny. One day, Kaya came running in all excited, because she found flowers on the plants. They flowered beautifully and produced many little strawberries. These 3 little plants produced more strawberries that I've ever been able to grow on purpose.

Rene and I have planned a few of our babies and some of them came to us in their own time, or in God's timing. And they're all every bit as loved and cherished. As it turns out, I have a wee one growing in my womb at the moment, due to bless us with his/her presence sometime around Christmas 2010. We're all thrilled and excited. Turtle and Zoe kiss my tummy every night. The baby's nickname is Ally. Or Ally Cat. Just 'cause. Kaya is super excited and making sure I eat lots of healthy food and stay away from the bad stuff. Lana is always asking what size the baby is, what size are the hands, or the eyes etc. This is going to be the best Christmas present ever.

Surprised? Sometimes the best things in life are surprises.


Serina said...

I love Ally already :)

lady mommy said...

No because my mom already told me, but a little sad because as she put it "you will NEVER catch up to Niecey now!" You are like a baby growing machine! Congrats to all!

jj said...

Oh Niecey, huge congratulations to you all! How exciting - I could squeal with delight for you all!! I love babies :D hehe

And also, congratulations on the strawberries, too! I'm struggling to grow some of mine, so it must be nice to see some fruit... and to feel fruitful, too!


Michelle M. said...


I did not expect that :) how wonderful!! How are you feeling?

MrsW said...

EEEK! CONGRATULATIONS! Oh I am so happy for you guys - how exciting is new life? :)

Laura said...

So happy for you, guwface. :) :)

Di said...

Hmmm strawberries... home grown! And oh my goodness...just huge congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you and Rene and your gorgeous family. *hugs*