Monday, June 21, 2010

FAQs (ask a silly question, get a silly answer)

It would appear that expecting my 6th child (well, it will be 5 on earth) generates a lot of questions and comments from well meaning family, friends and nosey old ladies at the grocery store.

I figured it would be easier to just post them all here as an FAQ and in future when someone asks I will simply refer them to this page.

Was this an accident?

I can't imagine how that would even be did get that talk about the birds and bees, right? I'm thinking to conceive a child by accident would take a heck of a fall, that would have to involve us both and, really, imagination is having to really strain to come up with a scenario. Perhaps if he had to clean the gutters and didn't have time to get dressed...and I was at the bottom pointing out a bit he missed, and I accidentally knocked over the ladder and..

No. This was not an accident. We did in fact intend to be doing what we were doing at the time conception took place. We did also want more kids, and I guess now turned out to be the right time for our next one.

Are you crazy?

Well yes, I would say so. Sanity is so over rated. I don't believe it is crazy for me to have another wonderful child though. But yes, in general, I am pretty crazy. How about you?

You know there's a cause for that, right?

Yes, we do know there is a cause for conception. And we happen to enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Don't you guys have a tv?

We do have a TV, but we don't have cable. We like to watch netflix on our tv, and dvds too. It hasn't helped with birth control or anything though, we both find the TV doesn't satisfy our needs for intimacy, no matter how much we enjoy LOST.

Are you quiverfull?

We certainly are blessed with a quiver full, but I am too much of a non-conformist to hold to any such movement.

Wow, you're going to have your hands full, aren't you?

Yuh-huh. And my heart. How observant of you.

Aren't you concerned about overpopulation?

Whilst we would be delighted if there are more little footsteps in our future, I seriously doubt we'd have so many more kids that there's no more space for them and they have to move to the moon or something. But I suppose anything is possible.

You must be so brave.

You obviously haven't seen me try to make a phone call.

That's all I can think of for now, but I might want to add more later.


Riahli said...

Yeah, I've heard almost all of those too, funny because when people tell me (over and over again) that I have my hands full I always say 'yes, and my heart' just like you did. It's so true isn't it. :) I have four, four and under, I guess since mine are all so young we draw a lot of attention, all the comments get old really fast don't they?

Michelle M. said...

Well, I am happy for you! I think it is great, and can't get over why people ask such absurd questions. I just can't understand it. For me, it is always the same thing (and I only have three!): "You have your hands full!" I love your response to that. I may steal that and use it :)

I love big families!! I hope you are feeling well.

LISA said...

I love this post! I too am pregnant, with our 5th baby, and people just cant quite understand why we would choose to have another one. I cant imagine ever being "done" bringing sweet little babies into the world!!! Congrats!

Kathie said...

Niecey, I just had to laugh at your post--my good friend (who has 4 kiddos) got so many of these comments during her last two pregnancies. You need this shirt!,83598016

I don't know how some people have so little perspective-taking that they cannot fathom someone having a different experience than their own! I don't want 5 kiddos in my house, but that doesn't lead me to believe that you are crazy or brave. Just different from me, which is a good thing right? (and actually if I hadn't had two c-sections and I could afford more children, I might want 5 kids. Who knows?)


septembermom said...

Congratulations to you. I remember all those comments when I was pregnant with my fourth. People amaze me with their brazen ways of pushing their opinion on pregnant women.

Loved your answers by the way :)

Helen said...

Hee heeeee.... I laugh so hard every time I read your response to Stupid Question Number One.... reminds me of this joke I heard one time - but this may or may not be the time and place!!!

I'm thankful that some parenting choices I make aren't particularly public (ie, cosleeping, etc) but there's nothing like people offering advice to a preggy lady! Congrats by the way :)

Jana Green said...


As far as being an accident, my first was an accident. We were on birth control.

People used to always say "Ahh c'mon. You know how it happens." Until we told them we were on birth control.....

Katherine marie said...

Love your responses!! My favorite " full hands" comment was "you sure have quite a following!" from a sweet old guy at sams club. I hope your pregnancy is BLISSFUL!!!!

Valeria said...

LOL! Congratulation! I loved your Q&A! I got the "full hands thing" tons of time, I have a 3 years old triplets and a 6 years old boy. I have to say I hate it (the comment)!!! not to mention the "are they natural?", are they all yours?" "how do you do it?" and oh yes, the "you are brave!", OMG, but seriously, is there anyone who actually asked you about overpopulation??? really? so funny!