Thursday, April 14, 2011

This very minute

I have paint and stain all over myself from working on a project, and the kids won't take any rebukes seriously with white paint on my nose

I have awesome tunes singing at me through pandora

My grinder is noisily making flour for the loaf of bread I'm about to make

There's a pot of coffee brewing

Zoe's walking past with a metal bowl on her head, and she's banging it with a spatula

Ally's smiling at me and making raspberry noises from his bouncy seat while Lana coos at him

Turtle is sucking his thumb and using my trousers (that I'm currently wearing) as a foofy and intermittently getting down on all fours hopping like a frog and pretending he's a horse (that hops?)

The fire alarm just went off because the oven needs cleaned out

There's mess everywhere needing wiped and cleaned and put away

The seedlings need watered and my feet hurt and I'm sleep deprived

and I very much love my life. Thank you God for all these blessings.


Lynette said...

Your right....the real life is worth celebrating....and your honoring it well.

Tracy said...

♥ this. :)

April G said...

It's stopping to savor the simple moments that make the best memories. <3 Love you, lady. <3

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful! It is so important to be present in every moment.