Monday, April 25, 2011

Lack of accomplishment - with 5 kids

We had a busy and tiring (especially for Rene) weekend. I was exhausted too, lots of physical work and very little sleep. Today was a very Scottish day, cold and rainy, overcast and yucky. So I decided to make it a "lazy day" and I didn't get much accomplished.

But it's amazing how different "not doing much" looks now, with 5 kids, from how it looked a few years ago when I was childless. Perhaps a lazy day then would be snuggling in front of the telly with a blanket, checking my e-mail a few times, eat, have a bath.

My lazy day today included the following:

cook porridge
make kefir
Wash a load of diapers
dress kids
wash a load of laundry
nurse multiple times
giggle and laugh with kids and baby
change many diapers
bake loaf of bread
make silly videos with kids
emergency shower 2 year old who pooped all over
clean up spilled poop on floor
fetch many cups of water and miscellaneous requested items
answer questions about the solar system
water seedlings
wipe tears
referee fights
help 2 year old go to potty
feed and water bunnies
misc mundane tasks like changing bed sheets, putting away some laundry etc
colors and books with kids
help kids with spelling activities
get a couple computer projects finished
get out sewing machine to sew but find it's broken to do some stitch ripping instead
clean bathroom
tidy livingroom (twice)

And I feel guilty that I didn't do enough, because there was much on the todo list that didn't get seen to. There was no TV involved today, or snuggling on couches but there was some Internet surfing and sitting on my bed. Rene worked hard all day, came home and cooked a meal and helped with cleaning. I'm a lucky woman.
But there's no rest for the wicked. I guess that means Rene has recently been a little more wicked than I???


Lynette said...

oh yeah! I know that I have head from Dear Hubby before that he worked all week and just wants to rest for a weekend. BLAH! Rest, what is that? Mom's have to always be on the go and doing the chores non-stop. Comes with the title.

Kristy said...

I'll have you know it's been nothing but sunshine in Glasgow for days now! Hurumph! :-D

Kristy said...

oh and I used this for teaching Solar System recently - kids loved it. After a few minutes a Planet Gallery comes up in the top right which lets you look at all the different planets.

actually here's some stuff I've used. Kaya might like the 'We choose the moon' although that might be too much for the younger ones.

Michelle M. said...

I can completely relate. Even on a day when I feel like I haven't gotten much done, I have hardly sat for more than a few minutes at a time. Being a mama is hard work!

Sekoishi said...

Ok I am scared, I don't think I wanna have kids anymore.

Kathie said...

I am left wondering what you do on a busy day! Cause your lazy day is much like my busiest day! Maybe it's cause I only have two kids...? (and I don't mean that in a negative way...just pondering our differing meanings of busy).