Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting much, and the things I have posted haven't had pretty pictures over the past few days. We're all loaded with the cold here (other than Rene, who seems to have an indestructable immune system!) and I've just had no energy for posting or taking photos of sick kids.

The girls slept all day Sunday. I took them to church in the morning (I know, I'm bad, I didnt' realise at the time how sick they were getting) and by the time we got home they went straight to bed and slept until the next morning. They were up briefly in between, but not for long. Next day when they woke up they were all coughs and snot and poor Zoe is too. My sinuses have been killing me, and I've been having nose bleeds and headaches. So it's all fun fun fun here.

Kids seems slightly chirpier this morning, although they were still coughing all night and are still all stuffed up and snotty. They are playing though instead of lying down, so hopeuflly its a sign that we're going to start getting better.

Then I'll make my blog pretty again with nice pictures and less boring stuff in it.


snobound said...

So sorry you're all feeling poorly. As your dad would say, time to start loading up on vitamin C and drinking hot toddies! I'll leave it up to you which ones the kids should have! :-P Hope you get to feeling better though.

Di said...

Oh gosh, Denise, make sure you rest as much as is possible with the wee uns. Take care of yourselves and get well soon! *big hugs* x

Kinsleys3 said...

I sort of figured you guys must have gotten sick again since you'd been so silent! So sorry to hear. Man, the bugs just won't give us a rest this winter!

Kinsleys3 said...
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