Thursday, April 17, 2008

How I make porridge

This is not a traditional scottish way to make it or anything. It's my own method/recipe I've developed. It's certainly not low calorie, but still a yummy way to get more of that oaty goodness in your body.

Ok first I boil the milk. Fat free works fine. Kaya prefers me to add chopped pears and chopped prunes in while the milk is boiling. I usually omit them when making porridge just for me, cause I'm not as keen on it, but she loves it and gobbles it up when I add them.

Then I add the oats. None of this minute oat, or quick oat garbage. I get organic rolled oats from open harvest (health food store). If you live in Scotland, any oats from the supermarket will work perfect, cause they know how to make them proper over there. The yankies don't do oats right.

I add a pinch of salt and cinnamon and a few spoons of brown sugar or molasses and boil away for ten mins or so, stirring frequently.

Then I serve it into bowls and pour some heavy whipping cream over the top! It's sooo indulgent and tastes so good. You can mix the cream in, or let it sit on top like curds and whey. Either way is good.

My customers give me rave reviews


Rene said...

Man Im hungry.....

Di said...

Hmmmm I love porridge. I must try adding cinnamon. That sounds so yummy. x