Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Heart

We had Zoe's EKG appointment today. I was so nervous about it, I didn't sleep much last night at all.

First, they did the EKG which did show something abnormal. Then they asked us more about her symptoms and they seemed quite conserned. But when they listened to her heart, she no longer has a murmur. So in the past few weeks it's vanished somehow.

So they did an ultrasound of her heart. And it appears to be perfect!

I'm very relieved to hear that. Very relieved.

From describing these episodes where she turns blue and gets really sleepy, and the Dr observed how sleepy she was acting while we were in there, they seem conserned and want to do further testing. She's going to have a 24 hour EKG, and maybe some brain testing incase it's a fault there, like maybe these are some kind of seizure she's having but with no jerking etc. I don't think that's likely, but I'm glad they're checking out everything to rule it out.

I do hope we get to the bottom of it. Who knows, maybe she's been healed? I know a lot of people were praying. Either way I'm just SO HAPPY it doesn't seem to be a heart issue. From what I read on the web about it (I know, you should never look this stuff up on the web) the heart thing would have been a huge worry.

Here's hoping she never has another episode. Either way I'm glad she has a perfect heart!


Allie said...

I got to your blog by pressing next blog, but as a mom I couldn't help but cheer when I read your entry!

so glad her heart is perfect!

Sam Burton said...

I'm so happy, Belle. And that prayer stuff is pretty cool.

Heather said...

Glad all is well so far!! So hoping everything is ok.