Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Birds

We have two nests at our house. One is sort of in the roof type area (I don't know what different pieces of the house are called, but it's up in the bit where our outdoor light hangs from) and you can't see it because it's covered over, but you hear the baby birds every time you step outside. And there is bird poop all over the ground!

The other is resting on the gutter round the back of the house. Mommy bird has been sitting faithfully on her nest for weeks and recently we have spotted two tiny heads peaking out! Very sweet indeed.

It's all getting me very much in the mood for my own baby to arrive. I'm so glad we have another one cooking in there, because Zoe is just so grown up these days, she doesn't satisfy that broody need for a tiny baby to nurture. She's just thriving, learning new words every day, playing well with her sisters, climbing on things, expressing herself.

She copies her sisters all the time. Kaya just came in here a minute ago with a church bulletin, asking me "mummy, can I draw on this?" and then presenting a piece of scrap paper, "can I draw on this?"
Zoe, watching this all, has a look of contemplation on her face, then picks up the tv remote control and holds it up to me and excitedly babbles, "mum, ga-ee-oy--ga-ee-oy-daw-dis?"
She's too funny. And I can't wait for another little tiny one to watch grow and develop too. This stuff is soo exciting! It still blows my mind that we can make people.

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Di said...

Love, love those baby bird photos. When you get a minute, could you email me as I really need to share something with you and would appreciate your prayers too. Lost you email addy! ugh! mail@dianerooney.co.uk. Thanks, neicey :) *hugs*