Saturday, May 17, 2008

We're such good customers

of the medical industry.

So Lana's supposed to have her eye surgery on Monday, but we had to cancel because she has had an illness these past couple days with fever and vomiting. It's been passing around the family. So they won't do general anaesthesia until she's been clear of illness for a while.

Today she seems to have been feeling better, and Zoe and Kaya are better too so we ventured out to some yard sales. Surely harmless fun right? Lana and Kaya each had a quarter to spend and they always find something weird to spend it on. Kaya bought a roll of eye stickers and Lana bought a bag of beads. We sent Rene in to buy a couple of coffee tables (for 50 c each!) and meanwhile Lana sat in the back of the car and decided that her baby frogs in her soap dispenser (which we had just bought for 25 c) wanted to watch her put a bead up her nose. And she didn't want to let those baby frogs down.

I knew nothing of her little adventure taking place in the backseat until she started yelling "mummy there's something stuck up my nose!"

It was wedged up there super high. I didn't want to attempt to try to get it out myself, I didn't even have any tweezers with me, and it was so far back it was hardly visible. Rene came back tot he car and we drove straight to ER. The Dr there held her other nostril closed and had me blow in her mouth to get it to come out. It took a couple of tries, but it came out. Lana was super brave and says she'll never put anything up her nose again!

Now we get to await the bill. At times..I slightly miss the NHS, at least, the fact that it was free anyway. I swear we pay more on medical bills than groceries, and we have good insurance too. I hate to think what it would be like without it!

Rene found this whole ordeal hillarious. He couldn't stop laughing (he has a thing about noses and stuff being stuck in just tickles his funny bone) so I guess for him this was money well spent on good entertainment.


Dad said...

Sorry, but it's funny. Your aunt Sis did the same thing with a pencil eraser when she was little. Could be a genetic thing.

William Scott Mc Cafferty said...

Wow! That is kinda amusing but at the same time kinda scarey!

I hope the kids are all alright, give my love to the blonde hairy one!

Kinsleys3 said...

Only a child of Rene's could have such drama.... Oh wait, I bet a child of Matt's could too... which means it could still happen to me! Ahhh!! ;-)

Hey what's worse, it runs in my family -- my uncle stuck a pea up his nose as a kid & had a similar ER experience!

Rene said...

Its the compulsion to do it that tickles me - we all strive to be masters of our own lives - I guess the capacity of your nostril is just another one of those areas.

I have a friend who's kid thought it would be fun to stuff spaghetti hoops in her ears - man I bet that was messy...