Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making Pizzas

We made home made pizzas for lunch today. Wholemeal pizza bases, homemade sauce with flaxseed meal. Nice and fun and messy.

The girls rolled their own bases (please excuse the jammies, we weren't going anywhere today so I figured why waste laundry by getting them dressed (though they ended up getting dressed later).

Then added toppings of their choice

Meanwhile Zoe played with pots and pans and things on the floor.

I tossed my base around for fun, but it didn't look quite professional. Kaya was tickled by it and filmed it. (I hadn't brushed my hair, sorry)

Here is Lana's finished procuct (before baking)
Here's mine
Here's Kaya's. she made a face on hers.
While they cooked Zoe fell asleep in her high chair. She's been taking naps in there all the time recently! Almost every day.
Then we ate them! Yum.


Morgan said...

Yummy fun! We had a jammies day here too. :)

William Scott Mc Cafferty said...

Thats sooo brilliant! I am gonna take tips from you when we get our kids!