Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorable Memorial Weekend

As you can see, our car is sad right now. Awww. We were looking forward ot spending some time together this memorial weekend and getting some things accomplished. On Sat we started off by going out for breakfast, then as we set off for errand number 1 the car started smelling terrible and overheated. The light on the dashboard was flashing and it was beeping and there was smoke pouring out of the engine.

We got the car towed to a garage and took a couple buses to get home (I do miss the public transport system in the UK, it's so much better than out here).

They called back on the Sunday and said the car was fixed and we could go get it. Cost $130 which we could handle. So Rene went out and picked it up and by the time he got it home it was pouring coolant all down the street and overheating again.

He called back and they were all appologetic and said they'd come pick it up again. It took them hours and multiple phone calls from us but eventually they came and picked up the car again and told us they'd have it fixed by the end of the night. Again we had to call mulktiple times and were eventually told it would be ready by morning.

So Monday morning we called again and they still hadn't fixed it, and said they'd call back soon. They didn't call back soon. We called again and again. Eventually they tell us it's a fiddly job to replace the pipe and they'll let us borrow a car for just now. A couple hours later they bring us the car (which stinks of smoke and the door makes a horrible banging noise and the girls carseats only JUST fit in the back, it's very cramped). But we got it in time to go out Monday evening and get some much needed groceries.

Today they call and say they have to replace the entire pipe instead on just one section and it's going to cost over $600!!!! eeek.

It's very frustrating and will take a lot of fiddling of figures to try to compensate for this. I'll be happy to at least have the car back though. Hopefully soon....(shouldn't get my hopes up too much...)

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