Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Lana

Lana turned 4 years old on Sunday! I have no idea how she got to be 4 already, seriously. But somehow it happened.

We started off the morning with Rene's good friend Adam coming over super early to help set up the swing set in the back yard. When Lana woke up and had breakfast it was all ready and we surprised her with it. She was thrilled.

Then we went to Paint Yourself Silly, a pottery painting place, and met with Lana and Kaya's friend there.

Daddy kept Zoe entertained

Lana painted a kitty bank

Then we went home and had a little party in the yard. The neighbour girls came and joined in too.

Lana opened presents

And we had food.

And a Wall-e cake.

Lana had lots of fun. She tells me she misses being 3, but I think being 4 is growing on her. I'm so proud of the little girl my baby is blossoming into.


Kinsleys3 said...

Happy Birthday Lana! Sounds like a really fun day!

snobound said...

Hope your day was grand! Grandpa and Grammy sure do love you.

Di said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lana. Oh goodness, I can hardly believe that she's 4! She was just a baby when I saw her last. Looks like you all had such a great day! x

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday, Lana! That swing set looks so fun! :)