Monday, October 19, 2009

One adult, two kids to Where the Wild Things Are please

I got to say that today.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Yesterday we went to the API meeting, then had a quickie burrito then out to the pumpkin patch with some lovely people and spent a few hours in the cold having fun and picking pumpkins. It was a great day, other than this one part where we went in a fake medieval castle, thinking it was some sort of play house, but when we got inside it was crowded, single file, the walls were narrow and hugging and it was so dark you could hardly see a thing. Rene wasn't there with us, Zoe ran off ahead and I couldn't find her, I was claustrophobic and Lana was so scared she was shuffling at baby speed. Zoe eventually comes back to me with Kaya, both are terrified and Kaya is freaking out. We get to this tilted room with strobe lights and you feel nauseated and like you're going to fall. You are supposed to go through this small doorway into some tunnel with spiraling strobe lights and (according to Kaya) a "Darth Vadery voice". But Kaya was about having a panic attack. And to be honest, I was about to as well.

Thankfully my friend is a take charge kind of gal and she managed to get all the single file folks to squash up in the dark tunnel while we squeezed our way back out the wrong way. I had Turtle in the sling and Zoe on my other hip. It was squashy. Then we got out and saw light and breathed oxygen and it was wonderful.

The rest of the day went well. We did some grocery shopping then went home, exhausted, just to find our neighbors were having a fire pit gathering and offering free beer. So the kids all played and we sat out and chatted and laughed for hours. It was fun.

Unfortunately, that castle really scared Zoe so much she had night terrors about it all night. She kept waking up saying things like, "it's too dark", "Mummy scared me" and "buzz lightyear scared me" (there was a painted buzz lightyear in one of the dark rooms). I feel very badly for her.

Today Rene stayed home with the two littlest monkeys while I took the bigger monkeys out for a girls treat to Where the Wild Things Are. I have been soooo looking forward to this movie. And it didn't disappoint me. I felt a bit naked without Turtle and his noisy big sis, but I also really cherished having time with just the older two. My mum was a single mum for a while to my brother and I. I remember her asking for, "one adult, two kids" frequently. There was such a novelty in it today, peaceful, quality time with the big girls.

And I was happy to come home to my hungry little babies who missed their mum, and completely, utterly trashed the house while I was gone. I mean seriously, how much damage can a 1 year old, 2 year old and almost 31 year old really do in a 3 hour span? A heck of a lot of damage. It will take me all week to clean it up. Oh well. I hope they enjoyed the process.

We got a few other things accomplished today (like making an amazing pumpkin custard recipe mmmmm and starting some sauerkraut) and I'm so pooped now. It's after midnight. Darn, I still haven't got round to editing photos. I haven't finished August yet never mind Sep or Oct. It was on the agenda today. I guess it'll have to be later...I'm going to bed. Don't come visit me tomorrow because I plan to be in my jammies all day thank you very much.


Laura said...

That castle thing sounds extremely scary. I cannot stand being in tight spaces like that. I'd have had a heart attack doing it with all those kids. I'm glad Wild Things was good. I am wanting to see that one. :)

Herb of Grace said...

Wow. I would have been totally freaked out, too. I get claustrophobic really easily. I almost embarrassed myself on a fieldtrip to Nathaniel Hawthorne's house one time-- people were a lot shorter back then, apparently....

Kathie said...

We went to that same pumpkin patch today. Mark and I enjoyed the fun houses but Caleb was still very hesitant. Last year the castle house really scared him. It would definitely be scary for anyone who didn't like closed in spaces!

MrsW said...

Ok - comment bombardment :)

Film reviewers here (Mark Kermode probably!) have convinced my OH that this film is just way to scary for littlies and he's reluctant to take Paul (4) to see it. Seems a shame but what do you think?