Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Ok, shame on me. Yet again, I haven't written stuff down. I've got to get the whiteboard up again and start writing them. I know Zoe had a whopper for me this week and I remember thinking it would be perfect material and there was no way I could forget it...but then I did.

So instead I'll talk about how much a tot can express without using any words at all.


My darling little cutie baby boy. He doesn't have very many words yet. But he's a typical boy who loves his sound effects. He makes this one sound effect...I can't figure out how to type it..it's the satisfied "ahhhhh" sound you make after drinking a nice cold drink. Like right before you wipe our mouth with your sleeve. You know the sound I mean? (How do you spell that?)

It's absolutely adorable when he pops off after a big drink of Mummy milk with a drunken look and does the *insert satisfied ahhhh sound here* noise. I know he has a full tummy and he enjoyed his milk.

But he does it in other circumstances too. Like if he's been trying to communicate that he wants his jacket off, but we've had a hard time figuring out what he wants. Then we finally work it out and take off his jacket and he'll go, *insert satisfied ahhhh sound here*.

Or if he's fighting with Zoe and he manages to get the toy from her (usually back from her, since she probably stole it from him in the first place) he'll celebrate his success with a *insert satisfied ahhhh sound here*.

His latest terrorist activity has involved pulling my power cable out from the back of my laptop. He knows it winds me up and knows he's cute enough to totally pull it off. And he rubs it in with *insert satisfied ahhhh sound here* while he waves the cable about.

And darn it, ya know, he's right. He is cute enough. He can pull my cable out any day, with a face like this.


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septembermom said...

He is really adorable! Cute post :) I remember those drunk with milk looks on my little ones. Precious.

Kathie said...

I know that sound! But I'm with you--I don't know how to type it. :-)

Turtle is just too cute...man, I miss the baby stage--Noah is pretty much a toddler.

Herb of Grace said...

I love this post :) And I'm so bummed I missed out on TTT again... I just can't seem to keep stuff in my head these days!