Thursday, October 8, 2009

So many things I want to blog about

...but don't have the time.

Like, I wanted to post about the screaming and fit throwing my daughter (no prizes for guessing which one) did at the homeschooling co-op today, while everyone else's kids seem to manage to just sit and make crafts quietly.

Or about how Turtle had his first temper tantrum today because I cut up his sandwich and he apparently wanted it whole. And how it was such a boyish temper tantrum and was so cute I had to do all I could to stop from laughing. About how he was thumping and rolling around on the floor, flopping around. Of course I was respectful, and didn't laugh, and gave him the sympathy and comfort he needed (although it was Kaya who was successful at calming him in the end. She's my mini mom).

Or about how I sat for an hour today untangling a kite string and then took the kids out to the park just to get chased off by a massive mob of bees after just a few minutes.

I wanted to post about how incredibly far behind I am with photo editing, because I've had too many other projects to do, and how much I miss just taking photos and editing them. Just for me.

But I can't just now. Because it's almost 1am, I'm having an unplugged day tomorrow, and I'm absolutely exhausted.

Night night all.


Di said...

Oh those are such precious moments in your day. Not at that moment but now they are! Ha! I remember them well. Enjoy your unplugged day.

Oh and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes, they are my paintings. I'm using acrylic paints, scrapbook papers and actually anything that inspires me to put a painting together. I'm struggling on lots of levels but this is healing for me and so I'm moving forward even though I've just gone outside my comfort zone.


Kathie said...

Hey hon--I know you won't get this til after your unplugged day, but I'm thinking of you. Turtle's tantrums sound so much like Noah's! And I have a hard time not laughing at him as well.

Why is it that kiddos seem to know exactly when a tantrum would most embarrass you and choose that moment to have a fit? I know my oldest is darn good at that--if only that were considereded a talent!

4 Lettre Words said...

I'm right there with you. Where does the time go???

Hope you are enjoying your day "off"! :o)