Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brand names

You know those words that you end up using to identify an object based on the leading brands name?

Here are a few that I was shocked to find they don't use here in the USA

Blue Tac.
I guess they just call it poster putty here, or something.

I don't even think they call it "sticky tape" in true Blue Peter style either. I guess it's just "tape"

Of course there's the hoover thing, which is just a vaccum here. You don't do the hoovering here, you do the vacuming,

They don't know what cling film is here. They call it seran wrap

This stuff just blows my mind.


jane said...

that is so intersting! we have sticky tac, and scotch tape here in canada,but we use vaccuum and seran wrap too. kinda neat the differences of the small things :)

TracyA said...

Kind of ironic that it's Scotch tape here, isn't it? Ha!


snobound said...

And the Scotch brand logo is a hunter tartan... :)

Pam said...

Hi, Niecey! I'm sure you don't remember me, but I've been on a couple of Born in Boards that you were on in the past. (August 02 and TLOL and July 04 at SK.) I came across you as I was lurking and linked to your blog. It's great to see your beautiful family-- your girls are so lovely and your pictures are works of art!! Hope you don't mind if I stop in from time to time!