Saturday, February 9, 2008

Silly Saturday Challenge

OK I'm going to try to do one of these every week. (I came up with this ingenious idea while lying in bed at 4 am with insomnia). I'll challenge myself do so something random or silly on Saturday, then I'll post later to say how I got on.

Feel free to join in (unless of course, you have dignity) and post a comment about it. That would be fun.

Ok so today's Silly Saturday Challenge is to listen to someone (probably my husband) talk for as long as I can without interrupting. I'm going to time it. I'm allowed to say "mmmhmmm" or "yeah" etc. Maybe I'll have to bring up a subject he's passionate about (like donuts). I'm not allowed to tell him what I'm doing (he never reads this).

This will be hard for me cause I always interrupt. I'm terrible for it.
Wish me luck.


jane said...

o wow! lol...cant wait to see how you do! i can never ever ever not interrupt the dh when he is drives him crazy! definitely one of less attractive qualities i have for him, hehe! good luck!

Di said...

Ha Ha that's so funny. And challenging. So good as well to know your "negative" traits LOL ;) I do the same though so maybe it's a "wife" thing. ha! Hope you're all well! :)