Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The business of being born

I've been interested in checking out this movie since seeing the trailor for it

I was happy to discover the Nebraska Friends of Midwives is cosponsoring a free screening at the Ross in Lincoln on February 25 at 7 pm. It will be followed by a panel discussion. I'm very much looking forward to attending.

I'm very interested in natural birthing. I've been on pitocin with all 4 of my labors, and it sucked. I did labor with Lana using only gas and air for pain relief, and I used no pain relief with Zoe. Zoe's was a very quiet, sweet peaceful birth, in a small town hospital. Rene delivered her, while the midwife watched and gave instructions. He placed her on my tummy then cut the chord. A very powerful and empowering experience.

I understand that there is absoluetly a time and a place for medical intervention, but I do wish women were given more of a chance to figure out what we're capable of on our own before all the needles and machines etc come out by default.

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