Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strawberry picking

Sorry I haven't posted to this in a while.

We're back from Texas, all went well and we had loads of fun. The wedding was lots of fun and the bride was pretty. I'll post more about our trip to Texas later, when I've got the photos of the girls edited and ready to post!

I didn't post right away because as soon as we got home, we came down with a tummy bug which wiped out the whole family. Nasty stuff. But we are all better now thankfully.

And today we had lots of fun going strawberry picking! I forgot to brign my camera which was probably for the best - I wasn't conserned with lugging the camera around, instead I just got stuck in and had fun.

I do wish I could have photographed Zoe's face though! She was walking around saying "mmmmm" with strawberry juice smashed all over her face and clothes, and mud everywhere too from falling and climbing through it all to get to the juiciest strawberries.

We were out in the field for two hours and I didn't notice the time pass. I was munching the occasional strawberry that accidentily smashed in my hands, and they tasted DIVINE! Oh man, so warm and sweet and juicy and fresh. We got three big cases full.

And I made strawberry shortcake, which was so yummy.

After strawberry picking we went to some yard sales too. Bought some clothes, a lamp, and the girls got some toys. Problem was, I accidentily left the sunscreen at home! Oops. And it was in the 90s. We were SO over sunned, over hot, thirsty and tired.

Here's my pink face to prove it.

And its time to get the aloe vera out!

Fun day.


Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

What a wonderful read, so nice to see you back in the blogosphere and the pics were fab also!

Did Ren tell ya we caught him on Skype yesterday!

Kinsleys3 said...

I'm always afraid you guys are sick when I don't see you post in a while! Sorry to hear about your tummy bug. I forgot you were going to TX - whose wedding was this? Wow, berries were ready early this year eh? I don't remember them being ready the beginning of June before. Looks very yummy!