Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the Irn Bru fans

I see my blog link somehow made it onto the irn bru website

I don't want to disappoint the irn bru fans who make it over here and just find videos of adverts they've already seen a million times.

So here's a different post about irn bru.

This is a Scottish expat, drinking irn bru for the first time in like a year.

You can see the love in his face. Feel the love in the room.


Rene said...

thats awesome. Talk about blog exposure.... :)

Di said...

Brilliant! And love those photos. Totally see the love.. LOL x

Rene said...

it was a life changing moment. The energy and love in the place caused the walls to reverberate and the ground to move.

The only experience to superseded this is undoubtedly the birth of my kids....

Camille said...

I finally tasted one and I liked it. It reminds me of a Cactus Cooler with bubblegum flavor.