Monday, October 13, 2008

Scottish word of the week - #4

I have an American Internet buddy who is moving to Scotland. I know she checks out this blog sometimes so I thought I'd revive the word of the week, to help her learn some of the language before she goes.


To bagsie something is so claim it in advance. So you'd say "I bagsie first shot at the computer" or "bagsie the red pen".

In other words, I don't have my hand on the red pen yet, but don't touch it, I'm using it first, I've already bagsied it. There's really not an American equivalent to this word. It's unique and wonderful.

For reference, here are the previous word of the weeks:





Anonymous said...

hee hee... The "American" (Canadian in my case) word is "dibs". I have dibs on that pen. I dibs the front seat. ;)

Niecey said...

Yeah yeah, dibs works. I never thought of that.

Camille said...

COOL!! Thanks for thinking of me :) My oldest thought that was cool.

Laura Sullivan said...

There's shotgun too. Like "shotgun on the last donut" lol

Niecey said...

Oh I've never heard the shotgun one. Is that just for weird New Yorkers?